There’s never a wrong time to buy a home if you’re ready for a change or the next step in life, but Summer may be the perfect season and here’s why….

1. Wider selection of homes on the market

The inventory of houses during the Summer and warmer months of June, July, and August is much larger. According to the National Association of Realtors inventory is 15% greater! More selection, better chance at finding your dream home!

2. Prices could be lower

It’s been said that the best time to buy a home is in the Spring, however some houses that go on the market during that time do not end up selling. Those houses listed in March or April may be listed at a lower price in the Summer, or buyers may get lucky and negotiate for a lower rate.

This is because many sellers will be more willing to negotiate and offer incentives during the Summer before pulling their listing in the Fall or Winter.

3. Better home improvement conditions

If you’re buying an older home that needs some fixing or you just want to put your own creativity into the house you’re about to purchase, it’s easier to do those projects in the Summer time when the sun comes out bright and early giving you more hours of daylight and the weather is warmer for painting, pressure washing, or landscaping.

4. Schools out for the Summer!

Whether you have children in grade school or young adults heading off to college, Summer may be the right time to buy a home and plan a move. Changing school districts or downsizing from having four people living in the house to three can be exhausting and definitely time consuming, so making the switch in the Summer makes it easier.


Plus, since your kids are out of school you’ll have some extra hands to help with the move!